Cleaning Jobs Visas Sponsorship In Australia

Cleaning Jobs Visas Sponsorship

Have you been considering moving to Australia but you are unsure about your visa options? One pathway that may be suitable is obtaining a temporary Cleaning Jobs Visas Sponsorship by an employer in the cleaning industry. 

Overview of Temporary Skilled Visas in Australia

Before diving into specifics about cleaning job visas, it’s helpful to understand the broader landscape of temporary skilled visas in Australia. At the highest level, there are two main categories – employer-sponsored visas and independent skilled visas.

Employer-Sponsored Visas

  • Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa: For occupations on the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) or Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). Requires a sponsoring employer.
  • Temporary Graduate visa: For recent graduates of eligible Australian qualifications. Requires a sponsoring employer.

Both the TSS and Temporary Graduate visa can lead to permanent residence after meeting certain experience and residency requirements.


Independent Skilled Visas

  • Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa: For occupations on the STSOL or MLTSSL. Does not require employer sponsorship but limits work to the nominating occupation.
  • Subclass 490 Temporary Graduate visa: For recent graduates of eligible Australian qualifications. Does not require employer sponsorship.

In summary, employer-sponsored visas generally provide more flexibility and a clearer path to permanency, while independent visas enable work without sponsorship but with limitations. Now let’s explore cleaning job options within this framework.

Cleaning Jobs Eligible for Temporary Skilled Visas

Several cleaning occupations are currently on the MLTSSL and STSOL lists, making jobs in these roles eligible for employer-sponsored temporary visas. The key eligible roles include:

Hotel Service Manager

  • ANZSCO Code: 1419-11
  • Oversees cleaning, laundry, and general maintenance staff within a hotel or similar accommodation facility.

Industrial/Commercial Cleaner

  • ANZSCO Code: 8213-11
  • Cleans various premises like office buildings, schools, hospitals, and other commercial or industrial facilities.

Building Cleaner

  • ANZSCO Code: 8213-13
  • Cleans and maintains interior and exterior areas of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Cleaner (excluding domestic cleaning)

  • ANZSCO Code: 8213-15
  • Performs cleaning tasks in establishments like factories, shops, hotels, and schools.

To summarize, a range of cleaning managerial and frontline roles directly involved in commercial or industrial cleaning can qualify for visas if sponsored by an Australian employer. Let’s review the visa options in more detail.


Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa Pathway

The Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa is one of the main employer-sponsored temporary skilled visas for cleaning roles. It has two potential subclasses:

TSS (Subclass 482) Visa

  • Allows work for a sponsoring approved employer
  • Initial stay of up to 4 years
  • You may be qualified to apply for permanent residency after three years

To obtain this visa, an eligible occupation must be nominated by an approved Australian sponsoring employer. The employer must also conduct labor market testing to demonstrate there is a genuine shortage.

Some key TSS requirements include:

  • Meeting skills, qualifications, and experience for the nominated role
  • Having a valid job offer from the sponsoring employer
  • Meeting English language ability
  • Health and character requirements

TSS (Subclass 494) Visa

  • For occupations that transition from the STSOL to the MLTSSL
  • Initial stay of up to 5 years
  • May be eligible to apply for permanent residency after five years

The 494 visa is similar to the 482 but provides a longer initial stay for occupations transitioning to medium-long term skills lists. Both TSS visas offer a pathway to permanency after lengthy work experience.

Temporary Graduate Visa Options

Another potential avenue is obtaining a Temporary Graduate visa if you have recently completed an eligible Australian qualification.

Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) Visa

  • Up to 18 months for bachelor degree graduates
  • Up to 2 years for master’s/doctorate degree graduates
  • Can apply for a second 18-month stay
  • Must have completed an eligible Australian qualification

This visa does not require employer sponsorship, though work is limited to your field of study. It provides time to gain skilled work experience.

Temporary Graduate (Subclass 486) Visa

  • Up to 4 years for bachelor degree graduates
  • Up to 6 years for master’s/doctorate degree graduates
  • Must be sponsored by an approved employer in your field of study

The 486 visa is similar to the 485 but requires employer sponsorship in exchange for longer stays. Both Graduate visas can potentially qualify applicants for permanent residency later on.

Pathways to Permanent Residency

Temporary skilled visas for cleaning roles, such as the TSS and Temporary Graduate options, provide a pathway to apply for permanent residency after satisfying certain requirements.

The key permanent residency options include:

Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)

  • For those on a TSS visa working for their sponsoring employer
  • Requires three years qualified work experience
  • Employer must be approved to sponsor through this scheme
  • Grants permanent residency directly

Regional Study Pathway

  • For those on a Temporary Graduate visa
  • Requires three years qualified work in a regional area
  • Can apply for permanent residency under this pathway

General Skilled Migration

  • Open to those on eligible temporary visas
  • Requires minimum points based on skills, qualifications, age and work experience
  • Must meet eligibility and points test cut-off scores

In summary, temporary visas for cleaning roles open opportunities to gain work experience towards permanent residency under schemes like ENS or pathways like Regional Study.

FAQs about Cleaning Job Visas in Australia

Now that we’ve covered the key details, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What cleaning qualifications are required for visa eligibility?

Most eligible cleaning roles require a minimum of a Certificate III level vocational qualification in Commercial Cleaning, Cleaning Operations, or a related field. Some managerial roles may accept relevant work experience in lieu of formal qualifications.

Are there age restrictions on temporary skilled visas?

No, there are generally no specific age limits for temporary skilled visas sponsored by Australian employers. Your age will still be a factor considered under any subsequent permanent residency applications through points tests.

Can I work for multiple employers on a temporary visa?

No, temporary skilled visas like the TSS are employer-specific and generally only permit work for the nominated sponsoring organization. You must seek new sponsorship approval if wishing to change employers during your stay.

How long does the visa processing typically take?

Standard processing times for temporary skilled visas are around 6 months, though complex applications may take longer. Visa processing is handled by the Department of Home Affairs and can fluctuate depending on application volumes.

Is it difficult to find sponsoring employers in the cleaning industry?

While competition exists, there are many cleaning companies actively sponsoring positions across Australia, given chronic workforce shortages. Major facilities’ cleaning contractors, in particular, frequently support visas. Job sites and professional networks can help match visa candidates to opportunities.

What are my options if I can’t find a sponsor immediately?

If unable to secure sponsorship right away, consider the TSS independent visa subclass 482, which allows self-sponsored work for two years in eligible occupations. You can continue job hunting within Australia during this period. The Temporary Graduate visa is also an option without employer sponsorship.

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