Cashier jobs that offer visa sponsorship in Australia

Visa sponsorship in Australia

Working as a cashier is no doubt, one of the most common entry-level jobs available. However, for foreigners seeking employment in Australia, finding a cashier role that also provides visa sponsorship in Australia can be challenging.

Visa Options for Skilled Migration to Australia

There are a few key visas that allow foreign nationals to work in Australia, including as cashiers:

Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa (Subclass 482)

The TSS visa is for skilled occupations and trades experiencing a shortage of local applicants. Employers must conduct labor market testing to prove there are insufficient Australians available before sponsoring a foreign national. Cashier roles are typically not listed as a skills shortage occupation. However, some supermarkets and retailers have succeeded in sponsoring overseas cashiers under the TSS visa by demonstrating specific talent or experience is needed. The visa initially lasts up to 4 years.


Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) visa

Within the ENS pathway, employers can directly nominate skilled workers to the Department of Home Affairs for permanent residency. Again, the role must be skill level 1 or above on the ANZSCO system. Grocery retailers with multiple locations nationwide are most able to justify permanent sponsorship by demonstrating career progression opportunities. The visa processing usually takes 8-12 months.

Student Visa (Subclass 500)

International students enrolled in accredited vocational or higher education programs can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during study periods and unlimited hours during scheduled course breaks. Completing at least two years of study in Australia also makes students eligible for a post-study work visa. Some retailers specifically recruit student cashiers, hoping to then sponsor them after graduation.

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Having an understanding of these various visa programs is key to targeting the right cashier jobs and employers during your job search in Australia. Let’s now examine specific industries and companies that are more open to sponsoring foreign cashiers.


Grocery Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

Supermarket chains are among the most regular sponsors of overseas cashiers due to their large branch networks and constant staffing needs. Requirements and processes may differ between brands, so research each company thoroughly. Some top options include:


As one of Australia’s largest private employers, Woolworths has an established visa sponsorship program. They regularly sponsor TSS visas for store associates, including cashiers, across metro and regional stores nationally. Candidates need strong customer service skills and willingness to work flexible hours. Supermarket experience is preferable but not essential for more entry-level roles.


Coles also recruits internationally through recruitment partners. Their typical cashier roles are classified at skill level 1 under ANZSCO and are thus eligible for TSS visa sponsorship. Coles prioritizes candidates with existing Australian retail experience or qualifications like a Certificate III in Retail. Fluency in additional languages can strengthen applications.



Aldi stores in Australia have a reputation for fast-paced work environments but also career growth potential. They sponsor TSS visas for store assistants and are known to support high-performing staff through to permanent residency under the ENS pathway. Cashier experience abroad and a good work ethic are key selection criteria.


As Australia’s largest convenience store chain, 7-Eleven has sponsorship opportunities nationwide through both corporate and franchise stores. Their store assistant roles managing registers are eligible for 482 visas. Candidates need strong customer service attitudes plus flexibility to work varied shifts, including nights and weekends.

By targeting major grocery brands with broad store networks, overseas candidates stand the best chance of securing a sponsored cashier position in Australia. Applying directly through company websites increases your chances of using recruitment agents alone.

Fast Food and Hospitality

The fast food and hospitality sectors also provide regular chances for sponsored cashier roles, especially through larger franchised businesses. Top opportunities include:


McDonald’s is one of Australia’s top employers for sponsored international workers. Their TSS cashier visa program recruits primarily for metro locations nationally. Candidates need a minimum of 6 months of food service experience, strong English, and the ability to multi-task efficiently under pressure. Fluency in additional languages further strengthens chances.

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KFC Australia recruits cashiers through an approved sponsor panel. Skills requirements include previous fast food or supermarket experience, customer focus, and flexibility for varied shifts. Candidates who can demonstrate commitment to Australia through family ties or prior study also gain preference.


While individual Subway franchisees hold sponsorship approval, the corporate office provides recruitment support for experienced international applicants. Store managers and assistant managers are most likely to gain permanent residency under ENS visas due to their supervisory duties. Cashier roles can qualify for initial TSS visas.

Coffee Club

Part of the Craveable Brands group, Coffee Club franchises sponsor cashier candidates with 1-2 years of barista, food service, or retail experience via the TSS pathway. Fluency in additional Asian or European languages further enhances eligibility. Candidates must demonstrate a good work history and strong English skills.

Fast food remains a reliable path to visa sponsorship, though competition is high. Prioritizing big brands with standardized recruitment ensures a fairer assessment of your skills and experience. Maintaining flexibility also lifts chances by considering rural or regional locations if initially unsuccessful in major cities.

Convenience Stores and Service Stations

While smaller in size, convenience stores and petrol stations provide another viable sponsorship avenue, especially for candidates willing to work outside major cities. Top employer options include:

United Petroleum

One of Australia’s largest independent fuel and convenience retailers, and United sponsors international applicants for roles at UPlus convenience stores attached to petrol stations. Candidates need a minimum 6 months cashier experience plus a commitment to addressing diverse customer requests.

Liberty Oil

Liberty recruits experienced overseas workers as store attendants and customer service assistants across their network of over 100 TravelCentres and affiliated Roadchek sites. Candidates require 1-2 years of customer service history plus a willingness to embrace company values like delivering friendly, efficient service.

On The Run

With over 400 convenience stores nationwide, On The Run partners with specialist recruiters to sponsor cashier candidates throughout regional Australia. Preference goes to applicants already familiar with outback communities through prior work, education, or family connections in those areas.

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While offering less structured career paths than major chains, smaller convenience store roles remain an accessible sponsorship option, especially for candidates willing to gain initial regional Australian experience. Research store locations thoroughly and emphasize any existing comforts of living rurally.

Aged Care and Childcare

For candidates open to alternative work environments, aged care and childcare present further sponsorship chances as cashiers through:

Estia Health

One of Australia’s largest aged care providers, Estia recruits cashiers and food service assistants for roles in metro and regional locations nationally. Candidates need good customer service skills plus a cheerful, patient demeanor suited to an elderly clientele. Previous experience in retail, hospitality, or healthcare is preferred.


Arcare provides residential and community aged care across NSW, VIC, and QLD. Their food service assistants handle reception and administrative tasks beyond cashier duties alone. Candidates must demonstrate compassion plus a clear understanding of the responsibilities involved with caring for seniors. An interest in pursuing certificate-level aged care training can strengthen visa sponsorship prospects.

Goodstart Early Learning

As Australia’s largest childcare provider, Goodstart recruits receptionists and administration officers across centers nationally. Candidates require previous cashier or reception experience dealing politely with children, parents, and visitors. Studies in early childhood education further enhance eligibility for permanent residency under the ENS pathway.

While healthcare roles demand greater interpersonal and linguistic skills, aged care and childcare centers provide accessible entry-level cashier jobs with clear visa opportunities. Emphasizing a caring attitude can give international candidates an advantage when employers weigh applications.

Tips for a Successful Application

Having outlined the main industries and companies open to sponsoring overseas cashiers, consider the following advice to maximize your chances:

Research company policies thoroughly

Bookmark relevant sponsor employer webpages and read all information available on eligibility requirements, application processes, and typical visa outcomes. Familiarize yourself with brand values and work environments.

Tailor your resume carefully

Highlight any previous cashier, retail, or customer service experience along with related qualifications. Emphasize transferable skills like communication, problem-solving, and multitasking. Where experience is limited, showcase relevant volunteer roles or education.

Practice structured interview responses

Prepare stories demonstrating your strengths like adaptability, teamwork, and initiative-taking. For example, describe a time you resolved a customer issue independently or improved an inefficient work process. Know common interview questions employers may ask.

Consider additional qualifications

Earning an Australian certificate-level cashiering, retail, or customer service qualification signals commitment. Online courses are affordable and flexible options to boost your skills profile.

Highlight any other advantages

Prior links to Australia through education or family can aid selection over other international candidates. Proficiency in other languages, particularly Asian or European tongues, expands your potential scope of eligible employers.

Be proactive and patient during applications

Follow up respectfully if not contacted after applying. Competition for sponsored roles is high, and securing the right job may take time. Stay determined yet flexible in locations you will consider. Positive references from previous managers can also impact decisions.

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