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¶What is society

¶what is power

¶what are the source of power

¶Define facism

¶List out 5(five) features or characteristics of fascism

¶What is communalism

¶Enumerate 10(ten) features of communalism

¶State the reason why government is an academic field of study

¶Mention 5(five) functions of the government

¶Define federalism

¶List 5 (five) features of federalism

¶Explain the following

i Concurrent list of power

ii residual power

¶Define presidential system of government

¶Enumerates 7(seven) features of the presidential system of government

¶Defined a cabinet or parliamentary system of government

¶Enumerates or list the features of a cabinet system of government

¶Define the term monarchy

¶List and explain types of monarchy

¶Give 5(five) advantage of monarchy

¶Differentiate between monarchy and republic system of government

¶explain the term bicameral legislature

¶Problems of independence of judiciary

¶Define a constitution

¶Features of a constitution

¶types of constitution

¶Defined delegated legislation

¶reasons for delegated legistration

¶explain the term right of a citizen

¶What are the limitations to rights of a citizen or condition that may lead to denial of rights of a citizen

¶What is a political party

¶What are the functions of political parties or reasons for the formation of political parties

¶What are the measures of ensuring the independence and impartiality of the electoral commission

¶What are the measures that should be taken by the government to ensure free and fair election in a country or factors that aid free and fair election

¶What is civil service

¶What are the functions of civil service

¶Problems or difficulties of the civil service or factors which militate or hinder the effective functioning of the civil service

¶What is nationalism

¶What are the factors that led to the growth of nationalism

¶Enumerates the effects or result or achiebements of the various nationalist movements in west Africa

¶What are the aims and objective of the Richard constitution

¶What are the provision or features of the MacPherson constitution

¶Enumerates the defects or demerit of the MacPherson constitution

¶What are the main features of the Lyttleton constitution

¶Enumerates 6(six) ways to prevent military intervention in Gambia

¶What is foreign policy

¶What are the factors affecting foreign policy in Gambia

¶What are the Aims and objective of Nigeria foreign policy

¶What are the problems or difficulties facing or confronting the Commonwealth

¶Highlight 10(ten) features of the Hausa/Fulani precolonial political system in Nigeria

¶define opinion poll

¶define a constituency

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