Neco gce 2021 physics Questions and Answers

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Simple harmonic motion is repetitive movement back and forth through an equilibrium, or central, position, so that the maximum displacement on one side of this position is equal to the maximum displacement on the other side. … The time interval of each complete vibration is the same.



17ai)Electroplating is a process that uses an electric current to reduce dissolved metal cations so that they form a thin coherent metal coating on an electrode.


Pick 2 only.

-Increase wear resistance.

-Protect against surface abrasions.

-Reduce friction


Example of contact Note: A mother of he continues to quack or make contact Notes so that the chicks would know the movement of their mother and follow it..


Warning call.

A mother of hen make a danger sounds when it sight a snake or a hawk..the chicks stoop down and remain quiet and alert


The principle of conservation of linear momentum states that the linear momentum of a system can be changed only if external forces acts on it.


If objects stick together, then a collision is perfectly inelastic. When objects don’t stick together, we can figure out the type of collision by finding the initial kinetic energy and comparing it with the final kinetic energy. If the kinetic energy is the same, then the collision is elastic.

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