‘Don’t be ashamed to do it’ – Kehinde Bankole speaks on motherhood and surrogacy

Popular actress, Kehinde Bankole who was rumored to have secretly welcomed a baby girl few years ago has expressed her thoughts on motherhood and surrogacy.

Sharing her opinion with The Punch on how surrogacy is perceived in Nigeria, Kehinde Bankole said, “Surrogacy is a topic people don’t usually talk about because we are quiet about it in Africa. We attach a lot of sentiments to a lot of things. We are unnecessarily traditional about things. If you have the money and can afford it and if you have a relationship with someone that can help you do it, why not? It saves you from the risk of having kids late, struggling to have a child or even losing one’s life. People who can afford it or who are interested in it should not be ashamed of doing it. If they start opening up about it, it will reduce the pressure women go through to start a family”.

Also revealing certain reasons she rejects roles,  Bankole said, “I have rejected some roles. It happens every now and then. There are many factors that can make me reject a role. It could be the story. The money may be good but I might not be able to connect with my character in the story. Also, it could be about finance— if I feel the person inviting me for the job should be able to do more.”

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